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In brief

The double tax treaty between Peru and Japan entered into force on 29 January 2021.

On 29 December 2020, by means of Supreme Decree No. 060-2020-RE, the Peruvian Congress approved the double tax treaty signed between Peru and Japan. As a result, on 24 January 2021, the double tax treaty was published in the Official Gazette and determined that the treaty would enter into force on 29 January 2021. Under Article 31 of the double tax treaty, the treaty is applicable as from 1 January of the following year after it enters into force. Thus, the double tax treaty will apply as from 1 January 2022.

The treaty’s exchange of information provisions are applicable as from 29 January 2021.

For provisions on assistance in collecting taxes, the date will be confirmed through an exchange of diplomatic notes from the Governments of both countries.


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