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Cinthya Delgado de la Flor

Cinthya has broad experience in providing legal advice to regulated natural resource-related industries. She has provided legal advisory to various clients on administrative procedures, sanctioning administrative procedures, coercive enforcement procedures, and legal audits. She has also collaborated in the acquittal of legal consultations and reporting on this area, as well as in obtaining permits, authorizations and licenses from various State entities such as regulatory bodied, ministries, local and regional governments, among others. Likewise, in dealing with various administrative authorities, she has provided counselling to clients on administrative procedures leading to being granted concessions, licenses and authorizations for the development of investment projects in the mining sector. Also, she has provided advice to companies on sanctioning administrative proceedings initiated by administrative authorities under the mining regulation in force regulations.

On 11 December 2021, the official journal, El Peruano, published Resolution N° 028-2021-OEFA/CD, through which the Environmental Monitoring Report Registration Module (IMA) was created as the electronic means through which those managed under the competence of the Organization of Supervision and Environmental Assessment (OEFA) must comply with when submitting their environmental monitoring reports.