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Paul Glass

Paul is head of cybersecurity in the UK and a key member of our wider data protection team. For 15 years, Paul has guided clients through all types of major data security incidents as well as complex technology and data disputes. Paul pioneered an award-winning data breach and dark web scanning tool which was the first product of its kind in the legal market.

Baker McKenzie’s TMT Looking Ahead 2022 five-part series explores key themes, offers timely insights, and lays out recommendations for technology, media and telecommunication companies looking to navigate the latest industry developments. Topics covered include tech regulation and compliance, tech M&A, interactive entertainment, 5G and TMT as the driver of change.

Heightened geopolitical global activity can lead to an increase in cyber risk for businesses. “Grey zone” and “hybrid” are two terms relating to cyber attacks that are widely used at the moment. Both terms now typically relate to geopolitical activity; “grey zone” activity is activity by or attributed to a nation state actor which is between normal peacetime relations and traditional kinetic warfare. Hybrid is a reference to the fact that modern warfare is almost always a combination of traditional kinetic action and cyber (or other non-kinetic) activity.