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Pornapa Luengwattanakit

Pornapa Luengwattanakit currently leads Baker McKenzie’s Corporate & Commercial, Tax, as well as the International Trade, Compliance & Customs practice groups in Thailand. She practices mainly in the areas of corporate restructuring, major projects, mergers and acquisitions and trade competition. Ms. Luengwattanakit joined Baker McKenzie in 1982 and became a partner in 1989.

On 7 February 2024, the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) issued several investment promotion measures under the announcements as follows:- 1) Investment Promotion Measure for Social and Local Development 2) Retention and Expansion Program 3) Relocation Program 4) Investment Stimulation Measure for Economic Recovery

In our series “Instant Competition,” the Competition team at Baker McKenzie discusses the Thai Trade Competition Act and its impact on business operators across all industries.
In our fourth episode “Instant Competition EP4: Trade Competition -Sustainability and ESG,” our team discusses key competition considerations we may consider when implementing Sustainability and ESG policies. This video is in Thai.

The Thai competition regulator, the Trade Competition Commission of Thailand, recently imposed fines on real estate developers for not submitting merger notifications within the statutory period. The fines were imposed in four cases – on both the companies and the responsible managers designated by their boards to oversee the transaction in question.

The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) has issued new announcements to respond to new businesses and future investment trends and to attract investors to invest in Thailand. The BOI aims to boost innovation, competitiveness, and inclusivity as well as sustainable development of Thailand’s economy in accordance with the current National Economic and Social Development Plan and the country’s development policies.

Following the public hearing in March 2022, the Trade Competition Commission of Thailand published an amendment to the guideline on fair trade practices relating to credit terms with small and medium enterprises under section 57 (unfair trade practices) of the Competition Act 2017. This is the first amendment after the guideline became effective in December 2021.

In our third episode “Franchise Regulations – What to know about franchising business in Thailand”, our team discusses what it means to operate a franchise and limitations operators may face under competition law.

This series is the latest installment in our YouTube video chats which feature interesting key legal developments across various areas. This video is in Thai.

In Part 1 of our newsletter on sustainability and investment promotion, we discussed the current climate of a drive towards sustainability goals and the role of the Thailand Board of Investment in supporting businesses in this direction. In this second part, we will elaborate on measures adopted by the Thailand Board of Investment so far, including: measure to promote Thailand as the regional EV hub; measure to promote sustainability-related activities; special measures to improve production efficiency; and measure to promote a grassroots economy.