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Thomas Firestone

Tom Firestone is Co-chair of the firm's North American Government Enforcement practice and is a member of the Firm's Global Compliance & Investigations Steering Committee. He represents clients in matters involving anti-corruption and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), internal investigations and transactional due diligence. Prior to joining the Firm, he spent 14 years at the US Department of Justice. He worked as an Assistant US Attorney in the Eastern District of New York where he prosecuted transnational organized crime cases. He also worked as Resident Legal Adviser and Acting Chief of the Law Enforcement Section at the US Embassy in Moscow. In the latter capacity, he facilitated US-Russian law enforcement cooperation, assisted the Russian government in drafting new criminal legislation, advised the US government on policy issues related to criminal justice in Russia and twice won the US State Department Superior Honor Award.

This week’s discussion will cover the following:
• Indictment of Belarus government officials for air piracy in connection with forced landing of Ryanair jet
• First DOJ indictment over threatening of election officials
• SEC v. David P. Forte, et al. – SEC and DOJ Continue to Pursue Insider Trading Based on Circumstantial Evidence
• Discussion of most recent tipper-tippee insider trading case

Please join us for a weekly series, hosted by Baker McKenzie’s North America Government Enforcement partners Tom Firestone and Jerome Tomas. This week’s discussion will cover the following: Sentencing in Elizabeth Holmes case; SEC Pays Out Whistleblower Bounty for Overseas Tip; A Discussion of the Geographic Sources of Whistleblower Tips

This week’s discussion will cover the following: 6 January Investigation Update; White House Anti-Corruption Strategy; New OFAC Anti-Corruption Sanctions; DOJ Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on FARA; and ESG Update: Office of Comptroller of the Currency’s National Risk Committee Identifies Climate Change Initiative in Semiannual Risk Perspective report

In this article published in The Review of Securities & Commodities Regulation, Thomas Firestone and Terence Gilroy provide an overview of the elements of criminal money laundering under US law and consider when a person is deemed to have knowledge that a transaction involves the proceeds of crime. They then suggest criteria to apply in determining whether assets remain tainted as the connection with criminal activity becomes more attenuated.

Please join us for a weekly series, hosted by Baker McKenzie’s North America Government Enforcement partners Tom Firestone and Jerome Tomas. This weekly briefing is available on demand and will cover hot topics and current enforcement actions related to white collar crime and criminal investigations in the US and abroad to arm you with the information you need for your business week. This week’s discussion covers new OECD guidance on anti-corruption and SEC enforcement on ProPetro Holding Corp.

This week’s discussion in the ‘This Week in Government Enforcement’ series will cover the following:
• Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco on corporate enforcement priorities under the Biden Administration
• The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is targeting big tech
o What do they want and why do they want it?
o How should tech firms prepare, whether they receive a request from CFPB or not?

This week’s discussion will cover the following:
• Tether Holdings CFTC Crypto Settlement: Reminder that the CFTC is asserting a prominent role in the regulation and enforcement of cryptocurrencies.
• SEC Report on January 2021 Market Frenzy: “Staff Report on Equity and Options Market Structure Conditions in Early 2021”
• Will DOJ Prosecute Steve Bannon for Contempt?