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Since November 2020, Germany has begun to introduce a myriad of media regulatory obligations that will affect a wide range of different media and technology service providers. Due to the number of new developments and regulatory rules included in several different laws, which apply to multiple services, it can be difficult not to lose track of all requirements. Therefore, the series covers the most relevant requirements and to whom they apply, including the impact of the EU country of origin principle. Updates to the series have been added for video on-demand platforms, media compilation apps and services, and smart devices/connected devices

On 9 July 2021, President Joe Biden issued an Executive Order and a supporting Fact Sheet announcing 72 initiatives to increase vigorous antitrust enforcement. The Order sets competition-law priorities for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the US Department of Justice (DOJ), and more than a dozen other federal agencies coordinated through a new White House Competition Council.

The Legal Office of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (the “SDPA”) has issued on 17 June 2021 a legal report addressing various issues related to the processing of data in the context of health research in the form of clinical trials. Specifically, this report analyzes the legal position of the sponsor, the monitor and the healthcare centers in relation to the processing of trial patient data, and in particular of the clinical history.

Rapid digitalization, rising expectations when it comes to Environmental, social, and governance matters, and the ongoing pandemic, are just a few factors that continue to transform the legal landscape for the TMT industry. This episode of TMT Talk specifically focuses on how these factors have changed litigation, how tech companies have evolved and how they should continue to evolve.

The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has issued a long awaited resolution setting out exceptions to Article 13 of Federal Law No. 2 of 2019 (“Health Data Law”), which by default prohibits the transfer, storage, generation or processing of health data that relates to health services provided in the UAE (“UAE Health Data”) outside of the UAE.

Banks seem to face difficulties in implementing their digital transformation projects due to the regulatory restrictions directly or indirectly applicable to cloud computing. This publication represents the initial results of Baker McKenzie’s Kyiv office ongoing research of potential regulatory obstacles for a bank to migrate into a cloud environment leveraging market survey conducted during spring this year.

As Asia Pacific business leaders continue to make important decisions to meet business needs, they need to navigate post-pandemic challenges and future complexities around strategic M&A activity. The third report in Baker & McKenzie’s Asia Pacific Business Renewal Series, explores how digital transformation has become a driving force in business decision making, and how it will shape the business landscape over the decade to come.