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This limited edition of the Update covers the time period from mid-June through July 31, but does not cover the full range of countries or organizations that we normally cover.

Welcome to the August 2019 edition of Baker McKenzie’s International Trade Compliance Update.

This issue’s highlights:

  • WTO: trade policy review, disputes filed, dispute settlement body activities, TBT notifications
  • WCO: news and announcements
  • CITES: notifications
  • GAIN reports
  • Canada: regulatory actions, restrictive actions (Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ukraine, Yemen), CBSA D-Memos, Customs notices, advance rulings, AD/CVD cases
  • Mexico: government procurement thresholds under free trade agreements, foreign trade rules, approval of USMCA, AD/CVD cases
  • United States: presidential actions, sanctions (Mali, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela) , sec. 301 product exclusions, CBI review, sec. 301 investigation of France’s proposed digital services, sugar TRQs, WTO aircraft dispute, AGOA review, Kimberley Process update, sec. 321 data pilot, interest rates, final rules on flights to Cuba, EAPA actions, CBP rulings (revocations and modifications), CSMS messages, ITAR proposals, OFAC amendments to sanction regulations and reporting requirements, Cuban entities list, AD/CVD scope rulings, AD/CVD cases
  • Australia: notices, AD/CVD cases
  • China: exclusion processing on retaliatory tariffs, notices, AD/CVD cases
  • India: proposed rules, notifications, AD/CVD cases
  • Japan: METI licensing policies for S. Korea
  • New Zealand: Arms restrictions
  • Singapore: notices and circulars
  • Vietnam: taxes on e-commerce
  • EU-EFTA: JCPOA statement, Maldives sanctions, tariff classification regulations, CN Explanatory Notes amendments, Official Journal documents, restrictive measures, AD/CVD cases
  • France: notices to importers
  • Switzerland: false coffee labelling, regulatory issuances, restrictive measures,
  • United Kingdom: statutory instruments, restrictive measures, HMRC updates and notices, ECO notices to exporters
  • Iceland: regulations and restrictive measures
  • Norway: regulations
  • Turkey: laws and regulations
  • Russia: Ukrainian sanctions relaxed temporarily, proposed counter-sanctions for US and others
  • South Africa: tariff amendments.

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