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Law 2068, which modifies the general tourism regime in Colombia, was published on 31 December 2020. The law’s main objectives are to promote sustainability; implement mechanisms for the conservation, protection and use of different tourist attractions; increase competitiveness; and promote the recovery of Colombian tourism through the creation of different incentives. 

In brief What’s new? The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) issued its “Guide on good practices in advertising through influencers” (the “Guide”), defining guidelines for advertisers and influencers on the best way to promote products to consumers, mainly through digital means, guaranteeing the rights of consumers. Contents Recommendations for…

On September 22, 2020, the National Agency for the State’s Legal Defense – ANDJE (a state entity that designs strategies, plans and actions that allow the fulfillment of State’s legal defense policies) issued a guide to public entities of the national order with recommendations for the analysis of the contractual imbalance due to the appearance of COVID‑19. The abovementioned guide has three main chapters: (i) General characteristics of contractual imbalance; (ii) Causes of contractual imbalance; and (iii) Specific challenges of COVID‑19 in the execution of state contracts and guidelines to manage them.

On 10 July 2020, the Colombia National Police Intelligence Directorate (DIPOL) initiated a public bidding process for the procurement of an AI based cyber-intelligence system for DIPOL. Such system would provide the police with access to social media accounts and instant messaging services.

Baker McKenzie’s VAT/Indirect Tax Practice presented ‘Digital Services in Latin America,’ on 12 August 2020. This was the second presentation in the International VAT Conference Webinar Series, a global webinar series designed for VAT specialists from all industry sectors that aims to discuss the latest developing trends and hot topics in the VAT/GST and customs arena.

In light of the global pandemic, governments across the globe are faced with urgent needs whose immediate coverage is a matter of life and death. Hence, these unusual and uncertain times call for rare and exceptional measures, and without much ado, governments around the globe have provided them. Common to all approaches is the will to enable public contractors to procure the urgently needed supplies to save lives and contain the pandemic without major bureaucratic hurdles.