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On 19 June 2024, Resolution No. 101/2024 (“Resolution”) was published in the Official Gazette. The Resolution established that the 17.5% Tax on the Acquisition of Foreign Currency (“Tax”) no longer applies to the acquisition of foreign currency to pay for the importation of goods to be used in the projects included in the list. The Resolution will apply to the operations carried out to acquire foreign currency as of 19 June 2024.

The Public Registry of the Province of Buenos Aires (Dirección Provincial de Personas Jurídicas de la Provincia de Buenos Aires or DPPJ), by means of Disposition 43/2024, issued new requirements applicable to stock corporations registered with the DPPJ in relation to the filing of financial statements, the content of the annual report, the treatment of the results for the fiscal year, the order of priority in the absorption of accumulated losses, and technical revaluations, among others.

On 15 May 2024, the National Securities Commission (CNV) issued General Resolution No. 1002/2024 (“Resolution”), modifying the regime applicable to promotion and advice within the framework of the public offering of securities.

On 23 April 2024, the Senate of the Province of Mendoza (“Province”) approved the reform of the Mining Procedures Code (MPC), incorporating international control standards to promote sustainable mining in the Province. The text indicates that it will become effective 15 days after it is published in the Official Gazette of Mendoza. The modifications grant the Province more control powers and prerogatives, as well as more influence.

On 6 May 2024, Decree No. 385/2024 was published in the Official Gazette, extending the scope of the Impuesto PAÍS (“PAIS Tax”) to include the acquisition of foreign currency to distribute profits and dividends, as well as to repatriate nonresidents’ portfolio investments, generated from payments received in Argentina for these concepts from 1 September 2019. In addition, the tax will also apply to the subscription of BOPREAL bonds for the previous purposes.

On 2 May 2024, Decree No. 378/2024 was published in the Official Gazette, extending the deadline for repatriating financial assets of at least 5% of the total value of the assets located abroad until and including 31 May 2024.
As a reminder, the applicable Personal Assets Tax (PAT) rates for assets located abroad will be the same as those applicable to assets located in Argentina if taxpayers repatriate financial assets of at least 5% of the total value of the assets located abroad before 31 March of each year and if certain additional requirements are met.