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Esteban Pablo Rópolo

Esteban Rópolo is an Attorney-at-law and member of the Buenos Aires Bar Association. He was a professor in leading universities in Argentina — including University of Buenos Aires, Argentina Catholic University and Universidad del CEMA — where he taught political economy, foreign trade legal regime and private law. Mr. Rópolo has written a book on competition law and also contributed articles related to his areas of practice.

By means of Resolution 464/2022 published on the Official Gazette on 27 May 2022, the domestic trade secretariat approved the form that suppliers must submit to alert consumers and competent authorities and recall products from the market. It also establishes certain obligations that suppliers that have initiated this type of process must comply with.

The criteria used by the Tax Authority (AFIP) to calculate financial economic capacity (CEF) is inconsistent with the amount of documentation and information taxpayers are required to provide. This suggests an arbitrary decrease in the criteria used. This situation has turned the CEF system into an import restriction, which is clearly discriminatory and prohibited in the light of international commitments.

Join us for our 19th Annual Global Trade and Supply Chain Webinar Series entitled, “International Trade Developments in a Challenging New World,” which includes the latest international trade developments. This year, in a variety of sessions, our panels of experts will cover the key developments and latest trends on sanctions, export controls and Foreign Investment Review regimes. On the inbound side, there will be sessions on opportunities and compliance challenges arising out of FTAs, hot topics on Customs valuation, trends in customs audits and supply chain compliance challenges and logistics.

This report offers a concise overview of a complex topic: antitrust and competition law in Latin America. The document intends to shed light on how major jurisdictions in the region are handling historic and recent key antitrust issues, including guidance documents and actions.

Through Resolution 1038/2021 (“Resolution”), published on 12 October 2021, the secretary of Internal Trade modified Resolution 169/2018, regulating the electrical safety regime applicable to electrical equipment sold in Argentina.
In 2019, through Decree 274, the Argentine executive empowered the secretary of Internal Trade to establish security requirements and quality standards that must be met in order to allow the circulation of goods and services in the Argentine domestic market. Hence, through Resolution 169/2018 (and amendments), the secretariat established requirements for low-voltage electrical equipment.