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Martín J. Barreiro

Martin Barreiro is experienced in various areas of tax law. He is a member of the Buenos Aires Bar Association, the American Chamber of Commerce in Argentina, the Tax Sub-Committee and the Argentine Association of Taxation Studies. His extensive list of publications include "New Argentine Social Security System" for the International Company and Commercial Law Review and "The S.R.L. in the tax planning of US investors in Argentina" for the Economic and Tax Journal.

On 13 October 2022, Decree No. 682/2022 and Resolution No. 5272/2022 were published in the Official Gazette. With respect to certain transactions covered by the Tax on the Acquisition of Foreign Currency, the Federal Tax Authority added a new Collection Regime at a rate of 25% to the acquisition of foreign currency for certain payments through the Resolution.
By means of the Decree, payments for the (i) acquisition abroad of personal, cultural and recreational services (not including education), in accordance with the Central Bank of Argentina regulations, and (ii) the import of goods listed as “sumptuous” are also levied by the Tax at a rate of 30%.

By means of Decree 679/2022, dated 10 June 2022, the Executive Power created the Promotion of Investments for Exports of Knowledge Economy Activities Regime, and incorporated benefits for those registered in the National Registry of Beneficiaries of the Promotion of the Knowledge Economy Regime provided by Law 27,506.

By National Law No. 27,686, published on 19 September 2022, the “Regime for the Development and Strengthening of the Argentine Auto Parts Industry” was created, granting tax and customs benefits to manufacturers of vehicles that use national auto parts and to manufacturers of auto parts in Argentina. The law sets forth the following tax and customs benefits: (i) accelerated amortization of capital goods and infrastructure works, excluding civil works not related to the industrial process; (ii) anticipated refund for the VAT corresponding to the investment made; and (iii) reduction of export duties to 0% up to 31 December 2031.

Resolution No. 625/2022 of the Secretary of Energy included new hydrocarbon ventures in the regime of tax and customs benefits created by Law No. 19,640 for the Province of Tierra del Fuego. The Regime refers to the Special Custom Area and includes: a) exemptions of federal taxes applicable to activities or operations to be performed in the Special Custom Area or upon goods located in the Special Custom Area; and b) customs benefits applicable to the reception or delivery of merchandise that a company located in the Special Custom Area can make from or to companies located in any of the other operative areas. The exemptions apply to income tax, value-added tax and excise tax.

General Resolution (AFIP) 5228, published in the Official Gazette on 7 July 2022, established the rules for the payment of the tax on online gambling. The rates applicable for the payment of the Tax were set forth by Decree 293/2022, published in the Official Gazette on 2 June 2022. The Resolution also included the list of the non-Argentine residents in charge of organizing/operating the online gambling subject to the Tax.

On 9 June 2022, Joint General Resolution No. 5205/2022 of the Federal Tax Authority and the National Mining Secretariat was published in the Official Gazette. Such resolution repeals Joint General Resolution 4428/2019 and sets the new regulatory framework applicable to subjects that have borne, in a fiscal year and in national jurisdiction, a total tax and/or tariff burden higher than what would have corresponded for being beneficiaries of the tax stability provided in Article 8 of the Mining Investment Law, and wish to request the refund or crediting of the amounts paid in excess according to the provisions of paragraph c) of Article 4° of Annex I of Decree No. 1,089 of 7 May 2003.

By means of Provincial Law 15,339, published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Buenos Aires on 7 June 2022, the province of Buenos Aires adhered to the Knowledge Economy Promotional Regime. By adhering to the Regime, through granting tax benefits, the province of Buenos Aires seeks to promote the development of those activities that apply the use of knowledge and the digitalization of information to obtain goods, provide services and/or improve processes.

Baker McKenzie’s VAT/Indirect Tax Practice presented ‘Digital Services in Latin America,’ on 12 August 2020. This was the second presentation in the International VAT Conference Webinar Series, a global webinar series designed for VAT specialists from all industry sectors that aims to discuss the latest developing trends and hot topics in the VAT/GST and customs arena.