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On 19 May 2024, the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses to Improve Liability for Violation of Military Registration Rules and Legislation on Defense, Mobilization Preparation and Mobilization” No. 3696-IX dated 9 May 2024 came into force. The Law increases liability for violations of the military registration rules and legislation on defense, mobilization preparation, and mobilization. In particular, it significantly increases the amount of administrative fines. The Law also extends the timeframe for imposing administrative fines and changes the procedure for their imposition.

On 1 January 2022, the CFC rules became effective in Ukraine. For the novelty of the concept and the imperfections of the underlying legislation, many provisions of the applicable CFC rules call for clarification, elaboration, or further guidance.
In this context, on 2 May 2023, the Parliament of Ukraine passed – in the first (of typically two) readings – Bill No. 8137 “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine with respect to Enhancement of the Taxation of Controlled Foreign Companies” (“Amending Bill”), aimed at addressing most pressing issues pertaining to the application and interpretation of the CFC rules.

On 18 May 2024 (with certain exceptions), Law of Ukraine No. 3633-IX “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Certain Issues of Military Service, Mobilization and Military Registration” dated 11 April 2024 will come into force. This Law, among others, imposes certain new obligations for employers and their employees who are subject to mobilization.

We’re pleased to present the 14th edition of Ukrainian Laws in Wartime: Guide for International and Domestic Businesses, a brief overview of the key features of wartime legislation. In this edition you’ll explore pertinent responses to the most common questions currently examined and addressed by international and Ukrainian businesses.

In Ukraine, employee job titles should be named exclusively in accordance with the national classifier DK 003:2010 “Classifier of Professions”. The Order of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine No. 1410 dated 16 January 2024 approved amendments to this Classifier, which complement the list of professions in accordance with the current demands of employers operating in international markets.

On 19 September 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the National Bank of Ukraine adopted Regulation No. 1011, introducing a comprehensive methodology to identify the ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) of legal entities in Ukraine. This significant development aims to enhance transparency and provide detailed guidance on the process of identifying UBOs, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that legal entities in Ukraine are able to correctly identify UBOs within their ownership structure and disclose this information to the competent authorities.

On 12 September 2023, the President of Ukraine signed Law No. 5431 “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine to Improve the Activities of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine” (“Law”), which launched a reform of Ukrainian competition law. The Law will enter into force on 1 January 2024.
The Law was developed together with competition law experts from the EU in line with the European Union-Ukraine Association Agreement. Adopting and implementing the Law is the first stage of the competition law reform, aimed at strengthening the powers of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMC) and bringing Ukrainian competition law and the AMC’s activities closer to the legal system of the European Union.