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Our Banking & Finance, Competition & Antitrust, Mergers & Acquisitions and Trade partners in Johannesburg outline ten reasons to turn your attention to African trade and investment opportunities in the coming year. Some of these reasons include the rise in commodity prices, shifting patterns and alternative financing, digitization and competition law and enforcement.

The growth in demand for online retail services has led to extensive disruption in the Consumer Goods and Retail (CG&R) sector in Africa. Africa-based CG&R businesses have been adapting their digital operating models to keep up with demand, and multinational e-commerce organisations operating in the region are recording rapid growth. However, this digital expansion in the CG&R sector has numerous tax implications, both locally and regionally.

Trade under the African Continental Free Trade area is now underway and 36 countries, and counting, have ratified the agreement. Countries including South Africa and Ghana are early beneficiaries of the agreement due in part to their existing customs infrastructure. The agreement has many benefits and is expected to drastically boost the continent’s post-pandemic recovery, but there are still many challenges to overcome.