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In the latest update of the Indonesian Competition Commission (Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha, “KPPU”) online filing portal, a dual (double) nexus assessment Q&A is now required to be filled in by companies that submit a merger control notification. Although the KPPU has not issued any update to their merger filing guideline, this new questionnaire confirms how the KPPU assesses the dual nexus requirement for offshore transactions.

On 4 April 2024, the Executive Regulation of the new Egyptian pre-merger control regime was officially published by Prime Minister Decree No. 1120 of 2024. The ER introduces the implementing regulations for the newly established pre-merger control regime issued by the Law number 175 of 2022 which empowers the Egyptian Competition Authority with significant powers in reviewing and approving transactions. The ER states that it will enter into force on 1 June 2024, i.e. transactions that close on or after 1 June 2024, and meet the prescribed thresholds, must obtain prior approval from the ECA.

The new Cyber Security Bill 2024 (“Bill”) was tabled for first reading at the Malaysian Parliament on 25 March 2024. The Bill aims to provide a regulatory framework for the safeguarding of Malaysia’s cyber security landscape by requiring national critical information infrastructure entities to comply with certain measures, standards and processes in the management of the cyber security threats and cyber security incidents. To achieve such objectives, the Bill provides for, among others, the establishment of the National Cyber Security Committee, the duties and powers of the Chief Executive, the appointment of national critical information infrastructure sector leads, the designation of national critical information infrastructure entities and the licensing of cyber security service providers.