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The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has published a number of recommendations on good practices in securing the supply of medicinal products for human use with the aim of avoiding stockouts and reducing their possible consequences. The document states that ensuring the availability of authorized medicines in the European Union is a priority for the EMA. Among the recommendations published are the obligation to inform the national authorities of shortages of medicines as early as possible and to provide detailed information so that preventive measures can be implemented.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is driving important new business opportunities across a growing number of industry sectors, including consumer goods and retail. Many CG&R companies are looking into how AI can enhance their business processes and customer interactions and with generative AI and the arrival of ChatGPT, the scope for application is staggering.

Malaysian Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Anwar Ibrahim re-presented Budget 2023 on 24 February 2023, with the three main focus areas being to drive an inclusive and sustainable economy, inspiring confidence with institutional and governance reforms, and facilitating social justice by reducing inequality. At MYR 388.1 billion (USD 87 billion), it is the largest expansionary budget in the country’s history.

Our newly updated broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) guide provides a detailed overview of the regulation of B-BBEE in South Africa. The principal objectives of B-BBEE are to promote economic transformation and enable meaningful participation of black people in the South African economy through increased participation in ownership and management structures, increasing the involvement of communities and employees in economic activities and skills training.