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On 10 April 2023, the National Executive Power issued the Decree of Necessity and Urgency No. 194/2023 with the purpose of re-establishing, on an extraordinary and transitory basis, the Export Increase Program created by Decree of Necessity and Urgency No. 576/2022 for those subjects and producers of regional economies that have exported at any time during the 18 months immediately prior to the entry into force of this decree, goods whose tariff positions of the Common Nomenclature of MERCOSUR are listed in Annexes I and II of Decree 194.

On 31 March 2023, the Federal Administration of Public Revenues and the Secretariat of Commerce issued Joint Resolution No. 5342/2023 through which they incorporated certain amendments to Joint General Resolution No. 5271/2022 related to the SIRASE affidavit.

Resolution No. 13/2023 of 16 January 2023 of the Energy Secretariat (SE) establishes the General Conditions that hydrocarbon exploration and production companies must comply with to access Argentina’s foreign exchange market to obtain foreign currency related to their Incremental Oil and Natural Gas Production.

On 16 February 2023, Argentina signed the Second Additional Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime, known as the Budapest Convention, becoming its 35th signatory state. The Second Protocol responds to the challenge of obtaining electronic evidence that may be stored in foreign jurisdictions when carrying out criminal investigations. It also aims to provide tools to enhance cooperation and disclosure of electronic evidence.

On 17 January 2023, the governor of the Province of La Rioja enacted Law No. 10,608, declaring the study, research, prospecting, exploration, exploitation and industrialization of lithium and its derivatives to be of public interest. The Law undertook the following measures: (i) suspended existing mining permits and concessions related to this resource for 120 days with a possible extension for the same period, with the plan to determine areas of interest; (ii) established the participation of the provincial company in all lithium-related projects; and (iii) established a preference right for provincial state-owned companies in the application for mining rights.