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Welcome to the October 2019 edition of Baker McKenzie’s International Trade Compliance Update.

This issue’s highlights:

  • WTO: Trade policy reviews, review of regional trade agreements, recent disputes, DSB activities, TBT notifications
  • WCO: News releases
  • Universal Postal Union: Agreement reached on international mail remuneration
  • CITES: Notifications to the parties
  • Jamaica: New Customs Act 2019 tabled
  • Canada: Regulations, proposals, notices, D-memoranda, CBSA advance rulings, AD/CVD information
  • Mexico: Decree withdrawing retaliatory duties imposed because of US sec. 232, decrees, acuerdos, notices, AD/CVD information
  • USA: Presidential documents, US-Japan trade agreement, sec. 301 exclusions, KORUS consultations, proposal to increase China sec. 301 duties, USTR seeks comments for NTE report and WTO dispute, USITC investigations, FIRRMA regulations, CBP notices, EAPA notices and determinations, 19 U.S.C. 1307 detention orders, CSMS messages, CBP rulings (modifications and revocations), FTZ notices, guidance on export of surveillance equipment, BIS Huawei FAQs, BIS Pakistan due diligence, Iran sanctions, terrorism sanctions, Cuba sanctions (U-turn transactions), Russia-related document, Venezuela general licenses, Nicaragua sanctions, CPSC final rules, FDA and USDA documents, Australia added as GPA country, Federal Register documents, AD/CVD scope rulings, AD/CVD information, sec. 337 cases
  • Argentina: Boletin Oficial and AD cases
  • Brazil: Importer/exporter registration
  • Australia: Notices and AD/CVD information
  • China: Exclusion list from retaliatory tariffs, Hong Kong trade agreement notices
  • India: CBIC and DGFT notifications, circulars, instructions, AD/CVD information
  • Indonesia: Nickel export ban
  • New Zealand: Gazette notices
  • Vietnam: Valuation of software
  • EU-EFTA: Official Journal documents, regulations, decisions, restrictive measures, AD/CVD information
    • France: Notices to importers
    • Switzerland: Consultations on amendments to the Embargo Act, Recueil official documents including restrictive measures
    • United Kingdom: UK Supreme Court decision on proroguing Parliament, Brexit bill, OFSI consolidated list, legislation, including restrictive measures, HMRC updates and notices, ECJU notices
    • Iceland: Import/export regulations, anti-money laundering due diligence regulation, restrictive measures and sanctions
    • Ireland: Dual-use exports, control over goods that may be used for torture, restrictive measures and sanctions
    • Luxembourg: Plant protection
    • Norway: Import and anti-money laundering regulations
    • Liechtenstein: Ukrainian sanctions
  • Turkey: Imports, sanctions, tariff quotas
  • Ukraine: Anti-corruption, Customs Code amendments, reduction of licensing, IP protection
  • EAEU: EEC Council and Board documents, preliminary tariff classification rulings
    • Belarus: preliminary tariff classification rulings
    • Russia: limitations on procurement of foreign IT products, decrees on import/export, FCS orders
  • Mozambique: Customs Clearance of Goods Regulation
  • South Africa: Customs & Excise amendments and rules
  • Namibia: Customs & Excise Act amendments

Plus information on trade compliance enforcement actions, client alerts and articles, webinars and seminars, and recordings of past events.



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