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Welcome to the February 2020 issue of our Francophone Africa newsletter. The aim is to give you a regular, brief practical overview of news and developments that may affect your business operations in the region.

In this issue:

Promoting start-ups in Senegal

In its Digital Agenda for 2016-2025, Senegal, which aims to become a leading country in terms of innovation, had identified the promotion of an innovative digital industry as an area of development. In this regard, Senegal had considered taking measures to improve support for the local digital private sector.

Amendment of the tax regime applicable to companies with CFC status in Morocco

The provisions of the Finance Law No. 70-19 related to the 2020 fiscal year modified the tax regime for companies with CFC (“Casablanca Financial City”) status.

New Law pertaining to Audio-visual Communications in Togo

Togo recently adopted Law No. 2019-016 of 30 October 2019 on the legal regime applicable to audio-visual communications in order to adapt its legislation to new technologies and to migrate to digital television. The new law thus enshrines digital broadcasting as a universal service in the Togolese Republic for both television and radio.



Celine Zeebroeck is a special legal counsel in the Washington, DC office of Baker McKenzie. Prior to joining the Firm, Ms. van Zeebroeck spent three years as an associate in the Brussels, Belgium office of an international law firm. During that time, she worked as a commercial litigation and transaction lawyer focusing on IP and antitrust matters. After attending law school, Ms. van Zeebroeck worked for the Ministry of Justice and a human rights professor in Chile for six months.