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In brief

Recent Developments

The Minister of Trade (MOT) has issued a regulation banning the export of certain products needed in the fight against COVID-19.

The regulation temporarily bans the export of antiseptic, raw material for masks, personal protective equipment and mask products under several HS Codes.


Brief Summary

The MOT issued Regulation No. 23 of 2020 on Temporary Ban on the Export of Antiseptic, Raw Material for Masks, Personal Protective Equipment and Masks (MOT Regulation 23). MOT Regulation 23 has been amended twice by:

  1. MOT Regulation 31 of 2020 on the Amendment of MOT Regulation 23 (MOT Regulation 31)
  2. MOT Regulation 34 of 2020 on the Second Amendment of MOT Regulation 23 (MOT Regulation 34)

MOT Regulation 23 temporarily bans the export of the following products:

No. Products HS Code
1. Antiseptic products 3004.90.30
2. Raw Materials of Masks 5603.11.00
3. Personal Protective Equipment/Alat 6210.10.19
Pelindung Diri 6211.43.10
4. Masks 6307.90.40

This temporary export ban will last until 30 June this year.

MOT Regulation 34 stipulates that, if necessary, the Minister may grant exemptions from the export ban for certain exporters, after coordinating with the relevant ministers or other non-ministerial government agencies.

To obtain an exemption from the export ban, exporters must submit a request to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade through

Actions to consider

Relevant business actors should consider the following:

  • They will need to ensure that their export activities do not violate the new regulations.
  • The temporary export ban might prevent companies in Indonesia supplying their products to affiliated companies in other countries, and might affect/hamper the global/regional supply chain.
  • Impacted business actors might need to conduct restructuring of their global/regional supply

Riza F. Buditomo is a partner in Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners' Tax & Trade Group in Jakarta. He focuses on corporate commercial and tax, and trade matters including export/import, customs, supply chain, food industry, direct-selling, anti-dumping, and corporate commercial work.