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Investigation work is peppered with legal and practical issues for which often there is not one right answer. The circle of professionals in charge of investigation work has been growing over the years and so has the need to connect to ensure we have all relevant issues on the radar and we leverage our collective experience to achieve best results. In an area of many uncertainties, we can not accomplished that in isolation. This is why we launch our investigation series as a regular Online Meeting Point where we frame one or two practical issues or developments we see during 15-20′ and then open up for questions and discussion. Whenever possible and appropriate we provide succinct take-aways that help navigate these issues, if and when they come up in our business. The series is designed for all legal, compliance and other professionals as well as interested business leaders who want to invest 30′ every other week in their ability to identify issues across the investigations lifecycle and have some practical guidance handy.

Speakers include partners and associates from our Swiss offices but also other offices worldwide, depending on the topic.

While we initiate and moderate the series, our vision is for the Meeting Point to be a platform for you. We encourage you to email us the topics you would like us to introduce and moderate. Please email to any of the presenters or [email protected]. We encourage you to ask questions via the chat function during any Meeting Point or to raise your issue during the discussion. We encourage you to follow-up bilaterally with us following any Meeting Point.

Helping clients and their businesses navigate challenging situations is our passion and we gladly engage with you in relation to any issue or concern you may have.

Date Topic
14 May 2020 Crisis response – Checklist for the first 48 hours
28 May 2020 Crisis response – Composition of team and conflicts of interest
11 June 2020 13 Years of Tax Investigations against Swiss banks – lessons to learn for other industries
25 June 2020 Criminal exposure of the company – The new sword of Damocles hanging over your German business
9 July 2020 How to comply with your obligation to retain data (or not to lose evidence)


Summer Break

20 August 2020 Report and cooperate or lay low and resist – how to risk manage the fall out of criminal conduct in Switzerland, UK, Germany, France, and elsewhere
3 September 2020 Investigation – How to collect data from your employees
17 September 2020 Multi-jurisdictional investigations – How to structure collaboration within multi-jurisdictional team to ensure information flows lawfully
1 October 2020 Remote investigations – business as usual or novel issues to consider?


Fall Break

22 October 2020 Investigations – Must or should an employee be given counsel
5 November 2020 Investigations – Sharing evidence with employee and his counsel
19 November 2020 Effective interviews – how to prepare? Should employee counsel be present? Difficult questions, how to respond?
3 December 2020 Rules of and tips for engagement with foreign authorities
17 December 2020 Rules of and tips for engagement with foreign financial regulators


Christmas Break

7 January 2021 Investigation reports – do’s and don’ts
21 January 2021 Waivers to share employee and client data with foreign authorities
4 February 2021 Handling whistleblowers – do’s and don’ts


Winter Break

4 March 2021 How to protect privilege in a multi-national enterprise
18 March 2021 Investigations and project management


We meet via Zoom – there is no need to download anything, it works through your browser and also on your smart phone. Your IT may not allow the use of Zoom, but then it at least works on your private smart phone also nicely. After your registration you will receive an e-mail with the link to Zoom. You may register for one, several or all the sessions.



Christoph Kurth heads the Investigations, Compliance & Ethics practice of the Swiss offices. Further, he is a member of the EMEA Steering Committee Compliance & Investigations and co-leads the EMEA Financial Institutions Industry Group. He has been recognized by Legal 500 as a leading individual for compliance, regulatory and investigation matters. Before joining the Firm, Christoph was global head of Litigation & Investigations and general counsel in Asia for a large Swiss bank. For over 10 years, he has led complex regulatory and criminal investigations as well as high stakes litigation across the US, Europe and Asia, and has advised on transformational regulatory developments and wealth management products and services across Switzerland and Asia. In his roles, Christoph has worked closely with business leaders, government authorities and the media, navigating businesses through regulatory and other challenges. Prior to this, Christoph was a litigator in leading practices in Switzerland and the US. Christoph also teaches post-graduate courses in 'Crisis Management' and 'Risk Governance' at the Europa Institute at the University of Zurich.