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Welcome to Quisumbing Torres’ Video Chat Series! In these bite-sized video chats, our lawyers and guests from various areas of law team up to discuss the most pressing issues for Philippine business operators. Each Q&A session is less than 20 minutes long and offers targeted insights into the critical questions executives are facing in the new business landscape.

In these recorded video chats, we share practical insights into legal issues in accelerating digital transformation as a way to achieve operational efficiencies and meet business demands during this time.

Episode 2: Ease of Doing Business with E-Signatures: A Legal and Technical Approach

The current pandemic has resulted in unprecedented challenges and restrictions in doing business, such as in the ability to meet in-person and sign contracts and other commercial papers using the traditional pen and ink. Companies therefore have to be agile in improvising new SOPs in its operations in order to adapt to the new normal and overcome potential business downturns.

The adoption of work-from-home arrangements and other electronic and digital processes, including the use of e-signatures, which do not require physical presence are on the rise. Coupled with this new way of doing business is the need to understand the legal and technical requirements of using e-signatures to ensure their validity and admissibility under Philippine law. This episode of QT Talks Video Chat Series briefly covers the basics of e-signatures and how the Philippine government assists in its adoption by both individuals and companies alike.


Episode 1: Trade Secret Protection as a Means of Protecting Data

Although data has been catapulted into the category of top business assets and its value now enjoys a status similar to that of traditional business assets, businesses cannot self-servingly claim that they own the data they collect and process. Data is infinite, non-rivalrous, easily reusable and derives value through use and often through combination and sharing. Rather than addressing the difficulties of asserting ownership over data, the crucial issue to address is who controls access to, and use of, data, and to what degree. Since data is not subject to statutory protection like common intellectual property assets, a more reliable approach is to protect data as a trade secret.

Listen to the discussion of Divina Ilas-Panganiban, Felicisimo Agas III and Jose Angelo Tiglao on how trade secret protection is used by businesses to protect the data that they process. They will also share insights and practical tips on how trade secrets can be safeguarded under the current Philippine legal landscape.


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* Quisumbing Torres is a law partnership registered in the Philippines. Its lawyers are all Filipino citizens admitted to the practice of law in the Philippines.



Divina Ilas-Panganiban is a partner in Quisumbing Torres’ Intellectual Property and Information Technology & Communications practices. She has 15 years of experience in the fields of intellectual property law, commercial law and litigation. She currently serves as the Vice-President and Director of the Philippine Chapter of Licensing Executives Society International. Ms. Panganiban often serves as resource speaker in local and international seminars on IP and IT laws.


Felicisimo Agas III is an associate working in Quisumbing Torres’ Intellectual Property Practice Group and Information Technology & Communications Industry Group. Prior to taking up law, he also worked as a logistics specialist in the Philippine subsidiary of a Swiss multinational food and beverage company. He graduated with honors, Salutatorian in his class at the Ateneo de Manila Law School and currently teaches in the same university.