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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials in Australia
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In partnership with Austrade and IQVIA, this webinar explores how to conduct clinical trials in Australia, including the benefits, process, due diligence issues and how to apply for an R&D tax incentive.

Compliance Issues

Compliance Issues Arising out of Global Clinical Trials
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The session explores a case study on compliance issues arising out of global clinical trials such as local regulatory and compliance issues, FDA regulatory issues, FCPA and anti-bribery issues, and M&A red flags.

Digital Transformation

Asia Pacific Digital Transformation in Healthcare & Life Sciences
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Our regional experts cover the legal and regulatory implications across the full product life cycle such as R&D, collaboration and licensing, telemedicine, product launch and promotions, as well as product liability and risk management in case of an adverse event.

EU Medical Devices

Introduction to EU Medical Devices Regulations
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This webinar analyzes the drivers behind the main changes of the new EU regulations for medical devices (MDR) and in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDR) as well as covers the impact of Brexit.

New EU Data Protection Regulation and Impact on Medical Devices
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The session takes a look at the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the impact of Brexit on the implementation and a four-step approach “fit for GDPR.”

Hot in Healthcare Series

Contact Karis Berthier and Cristina Barrobes for a copy of the recordings.

Melding Health and Tech with M&A: Are You Buying the Right Tools with the Right Partners?
Explores how healthcare companies, technology companies and financial investors can succeed in M&A within the digital health space.

What IS Hot in Healthcare?
This session analyzes current and projected trends for digital health, including the challenges in introducing new technologies to the UK market and how to overcome them.

What IS Hot, Politically?
A look at the current political climate in terms of COVID-19 and Brexit, while exploring the UK’s life sciences industry, trade negotiation position and other issues arising from the pandemic.

Intellectual Property

Lessons from COVID-19: Compulsory Licensing in a New World
Contact Grace Gato for a copy of the recording.
A region-by-region look at the evolving compulsory licensing regimes and how they are being shaped by the pandemic.

Spotlight on Trade Secrets in Healthcare
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Did you know that one-third of healthcare companies have suffered from trade secrets theft? What are firms doing to protect their trade secrets? This webinar provides insights on how to reduce the risk of trade secrets theft.

The Fake Drug Industry: A Strategic View of Global Enforcement
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The session focuses on anti-counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry, covering comparative enforcement regimes and recent legal developments.


A Buyer’s Guide to M&A in Latin America: A Focus on Healthcare
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The webinar provides insights on the healthcare M&A outlook in the region, getting deals done in the current economic context and regulatory, compliance and due diligence tips.


Karis Berthier is an Events Executive in Baker McKenzie London office.


Cristina Barrobes is an Assistant Manager in Baker McKenzie Barcelona office.


Mary Grace Gato is an Assistant Manager in Baker McKenzie Toronto office.