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Access Now! New editions of EMEA Tax Guides for mergers, acquisitions and expansions to new markets

Whether you are in early stages of planning a merger or acquisition, or growing your business in a new market, it is important to understand the tax implications.

To help you consider your options and the implications, Baker McKenzie is pleased to announce the release of these updated guides:

  • EMEA Tax Transactions Guide
  • European Inbound Tax Guide
  • Headquarter Jurisdictions Around the World: A Comparison

Read more about each guide below, and how to access.

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EMEA Tax Transactions

EMEA Tax Transactions

This newest edition of the EMEA Tax Transactions Guide is intended to support you at the early stages of the M&A process, particularly in assessing the risks and opportunities of intended transactions in the current uncertain international tax environment.

European Inbound Tax Guide Cover

European Inbound Tax

Just released, this edition of the European Inbound Tax Guide is aimed at the new range of investors from some of the world’s emerging economies, who are looking to Europe for investment opportunities, and at the more established investors, such as businesses, institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds and other overseas governments for whom Europe remains a prime investment target.

Headquarter Jurisdictions Headquarter Jurisdictions Around the World: A Comparison

There are various aspects that can play a significant role when choosing a jurisdiction for establishing an international headquarters, such as the local tax regime, the flexibility of the corporate law system, the business environment and infrastructure. This guide aims to provide a general overview of the main tax aspects related to establishing headquarters in the most common jurisdictions in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, offering an effective tool for carrying out a preliminary comparison of the most relevant tax aspects of the selected headquarter jurisdictions.

Access the guides

TaxShare is Baker McKenzie’s online resource that allows quick, easy and customized access to the latest tax reference materials.

Materials include:

  • Country-by-Country Reporting Implementation Guide
  • Global Tax Dispute Resolution Guide, including EMEA
  • Global Transfer Pricing Guide
  • Global Tax Transactions Guide
  • European Inbound Tax Guide
  • Headquarter Jurisdictions Around the World: A Comparison
  • Resource materials from other Baker McKenzie Practice Groups

Christina Magill is a Content Development Team Lead in Baker McKenzie Belfast office.