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On 19 July 2021, most COVID-19 related restrictions were lifted in England. However, the government  cautioned against an immediate full return to the office, saying that it expects and recommends a gradual return over the summer, emphasising employers’ obligations to ensure a safe place of work. In this article we remind employers of the top tips for dealing with this gradual return, including issues such as vaccinations.

10 Top Tips

Just as working from home guidance was lifted, the UK started to experience a pingdemic. Although the number of pings appears to be dropping, seasonal variations in infections and the new school year could all potentially cause COVID case numbers to increase. Our 10 top tips for returning to the office are:

  1. Keep up-to-date with government and regulators’ announcements and guidance. 
  2. Make sure the workplace is safe. 
  3. Get your timing right. 
  4. Carefully consider vaccination and COVID-19 testing requirements.
  5. Engage and consult with your workforce.
  6. Consider the need to make reasonable adjustments.
  7. Don’t forget your pre-existing obligations.
  8. Increase in hybrid and flexible working.
  9. Take care of employee health and wellbeing.
  10. Remain flexible.

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