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Many thanks to everyone who attended our Tech Talk Asia Pacific virtual event. We hope that you found the sessions informative, engaging and entertaining, and that our panelists were able to provide you with valuable insight from their respective fields of expertise.

Held over three days, this virtual meeting focused on key trends and issues affecting the TMT sector in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. Videos of each session are available below. 

Day 1: Digitization in the Post-pandemic Economy

Panel 1: Transactions in Digital Infrastructure

Increased data use due to cloud computing, e-commerce and the availability of 5G coverage have fuelled increased M&A, in particular investment activity in digital infrastructure including data centers, fiber optic cables and communications towers. Our panel will bring you up to speed on current trends through the lens of both investors and tech providers/operators and share insights on investment opportunities in key markets.

Panel 2: The 5G Evolving Landscape in APAC and Beyond

5G is of strategic importance to the global digital economy, promising improved network connection, higher speeds, increased availability, and ultimately, a more connected world. As the rollout of 5G continues globally offering exciting new possibilities, our panelists will discuss the investment opportunities, M&A trends and implications and 5G use cases.

Panel 3: The Evolution of SPACtacular Listings of Tech Companies

Deals involving US-listed SPACs have drawn much attention in recent years due to numerous advantages, including the ability to raise capital in the booming US IPO market and a quicker route to going public than the standard IPO process. Our panel will discuss the trends around SPAC listings for tech investments, opportunities for the TMT sector and key considerations in the de-SPAC process.

Panel 4: Women in Tech Law

Our panel of leading women to hear how firms and clients in the tech industry can work together to promote diversity and foster inclusive environments, also looking at what progresses have been made and what more can be done. We will also hear from a guest panelist on the issues of gender diversity in the tech industry and how one company is addressing those issues. The session will discuss key points that in this area are top of mind for the tech industry as well as strategies that can be employed to ensure that workplaces are inclusive and diverse.

Day 2: Digital Content and Platforms

Panel 5: Content Regulation: Where Are We Heading?

Global developments have continued to drive changes in content regulation with ripples of coordinated regulatory action. These changes in many ways represent a new direction for content governance. Join our panel as they discuss recent updates impacting TMT companies (including online content providers and digital platform operators), the views of regulators as well as measures employed worldwide to tackle the key legal issues.

Panel 6: Taxing the Digitalized Economy. Where Are We Now?

TMT companies, including digital service providers, need to be aware of the tax ramifications of their transactions and business models in order to avoid being caught in unintentional negative tax effects. Join our panel as they look at key OECD developments, the current state of play of Digital Services Taxes (DST) and strategic cross-border considerations as tech businesses navigate the evolving tax landscape.

Panel 7: Antitrust: Digital Businesses and Data

Tech and digital businesses continue to face intense scrutiny and pressures from antitrust authorities around the use of data and consumer rights. Our panelists will shed light on the antitrust issues TMT companies are experiencing now and on how those companies can navigate these regulatory complexities.

Day 3: Evolving Regulation of Digital Transformation

Panel 8: Cybersecurity: An Increasingly Complex Web of Regulation

The accelerated rate with which a more digital society has been embraced, along with more tech-dependent ways of working, have given rise to challenges and issues when it comes to data security. Our panel will discuss the inevitable increase in cybersecurity risks and the impact on TMT companies, along with practical tips for managing the complex web of regulation.

Panel 9: Navigating Compliance Risks in the ESG Era

Compliance is playing an increasingly important role in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosures, particularly for TMT companies. In this panel, our lawyers will explore the intersection between compliance risks and ESG disclosures, along with providing tips to find the right balance.

Panel 10: Privacy Law Enforcement Trends and How to Protect Your Company

Data privacy and security regulators are stepping up enforcement, private litigation is on the rise and there are higher penalties and damages awards. In this panel our lawyers will share their insights on the most significant risks TMT organizations are facing and provide practical tips for mitigating those risks.


Sharon Byrne is an Associate Director in Baker McKenzie, London office.

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