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In 2021 the Indonesian Government issued Government Regulation No. 29 on Organization of the Trade Sector (“GR 29”). GR 29 is an implementing regulation of the Job Creation Law (Omnibus Law), which changes the rules for trade matters, including for distribution of goods, exports and imports.

Following the issuance of GR 29, the Ministry of Trade (MOT) introduced a series of technical implementing regulations. One of the more notable regulations is Minister of Trade Regulation Number 20 of 2021 on Import Policies and Procedures (“MOT Reg.20/2021”), which took effect on 14 November 2021.

MOT Reg. 20/2021 replaced the previous regulations, and has simplified the rules on import of various type of goods.

Indonesia New Integrated Import Guidelines Report



Riza F. Buditomo is a partner in Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners' Tax & Trade Group in Jakarta. He focuses on corporate commercial and tax, and trade matters including export/import, customs, supply chain, food industry, direct-selling, anti-dumping, and corporate commercial work.

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