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The Compliance Podcast series, conducted by Jesús Dávila in Venezuela, aims to shed light on the implications of what anti-corruption policies represent for companies in Venezuela. In the second season we will be inviting as guests various personalities from different areas (legal, journalistic, marketing, among others) that will allow us to analyze and understand the culture of compliance, under different angles and perspectives.

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Season Two

Episode 6: Compliance and the productive sector of Venezuela

On the sixth episode of the Compliance Podcast, Jesus Davila talks with representatives of the private sector in order to understand the challenges to do business within a complex and dynamic environment like Venezuela. In this episode, Jesus talks to Tiziana Polesel, president of Consecomercio and one of the most important figures of the Venezuelan productive sector. Tiziana comes from a tradition of private sector leaders like her father, Eddo Polesel, but has an acute sense and understanding of the current Venezuelan reality. Tiziana will help us understand the difficulties derived from doing business in Venezuela.

Episode 5: Compliance and human rights

On the fifth installment of the Compliance podcast, Jesus Davila talks to Fernando Fernandez, criminal lawyer and human rights advocate, about the impact of the compliance culture in the fight for human rights and its connection with the development of countries.

Episode 4: Values for the future

In the fourth episode of the second season of the Compliance Podcast, produced by Baker McKenzie Caracas office, Jesus Davila has an enriching conversation with Angelica Calzadilla, current director of the Universidad Metropolitana’s Law School. Angelica will provide insights on the University’s current situation and how such institution cope with the crisis in the country. Furthermore, she explains how assuming ethical values will allow society to look at the future with optimism.

Episode 3: Compliance and service culture

In the third episode of the second season of the Compliance Podcast, produced by Baker McKenzie Caracas office, Jesus Davila discusses with renowned professor Pilar Modroño the relation set between compliance and the concept of service (in a commercial sense). Pilar will explain how in order to achieve success, entrepreneurs should aim at the generation of a solid compliance culture within their companies.

Episode 2: Compliance and journalism

In the second episode of the second season of the Compliance Podcast, produced by Baker McKenzie Caracas office, Jesús Dávila talks to Lila Vanorio, renowned Venezuelan journalist.  In this opportunity, Lila tells us about the relationship between journalism and compliance and how the journalists perceive the concept of transparency from their vantage point.

Episode 1 – Compliance and the private and academic sector

In the first episode of the second season of the Compliance Podcast from Baker McKenzie’s Caracas office, Diego Castagnino, a Venezuelan lawyer and professor with extensive experience in corporate and arbitration issues, saw us. In this conversation, Diego presents his perspective from the private sector and from the academy to help us understand the challenges of the culture of transparency in Venezuela and Latin America.

Season One – Episodes 1 to 11

Episode 11 – The History and the Anticorruption Fight

On the season finale of compliance podcast, Jesús Dávila talks to Rafael Arráiz Lucca, historian, writer and lawyer. Professor Arráiz and Jesus discuss the historical implications of the anticorruption fight and look upon the future of this area of the law.

Episode 10 – Compliance and International Arbitration

On episode 10 of the Compliance Podcast of Baker McKenzie Caracas’ Office, Jesus Davila talks to Eugenio Hernandez Breton. Eugenio talks about the connection points between the anticorruption culture and the complex world of international arbitration. Eugenio brings all his experience and knowledge to explain the challenges ahead for this area of the law.

This is a special episode and we are sure that it will be useful for all enthusiasts of these topics.

Episode 9 – Challenges of Compliance and Antitrust

On episode 9 of the Compliance Podcast, we discuss with Esteban Ropolo, leader of the Antitrust practice in Latin America and Partner in Buenos Aires, the way in which competition law and Compliance related reciprocally. Furthermore, Esteban talks about the challenges of both practices in Argentina and the region. This a great and interesting discussion about two areas of the law that often relate but are seldom discussed jointly.

Episode 8 – Compliance and International Commerce & Trade

On the eighth episode of the Compliance Podcast, Jesus Davila discusses the relationship of compliance with customs law and international commerce with Manuel Marin, leader of such departments at Baker McKenzie Caracas. Manuel will explain the intricate connections that both areas and have and their current relevance in today’s world.

Episode 7 – Global Trends and Challenges of Compliance

In Episode 7 of the Compliance Podcast, Jesus Davila speaks with Jo Ludlam, global leader of the Firm’s compliance practice to discuss the challenges ahead for our practitioners and clients. Ms Ludlam provides valuable insights on the development and trends in the current legal market.

Episode 6

In this episode of the Compliance Podcast, Jesus Davila speaks with Jonathan Adams, regional leader of the Compliance practice, about the current regional and global perspectives of this area.

Episode 5

On this edition, Jesus Davila discusses the current situation of Compliance in the US with Terry Gilroy, partner with the NYC office. Terry discusses the global trends from the perspective of the US and the challenges ahead.

Episode 4

On this edition of the Compliance Podcast, Jesus Davila speaks with Carolina Pardo, partner with the Bogota Office, about trends and current status of the compliance affairs in Colombia. Carolina also provides some essential insights on the challenges in the region and the world.

Episode 3

On episode three, we review certain practical aspects of the compliance programs and we further analyze the Venezuelan situation and the best approach and practices for local companies.

Episode 2

On the second episode, we approach how certain international provisions (FCPA and UK Anti-bribery Act) develop a web of controls that have an impact on all companies within a corporate group regardless of its place of incorporation. Furthermore, we review the local anticorruption laws.

Episode 1

On episode one, Jesus Davila talks about the very basics of the concept as well as the general impact of compliance in the life of companies.


Jesús Dávila joined Baker McKenzie in 2002 and became partner in 2009. He is recognized as a leading lawyer in Venezuela by Chambers Latin America and IFLR1000. Jesus advises domestic and multinational companies on the full scope of corporate transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, joint ventures and a variety of other corporate work. He has a strong track record providing insightful advice to companies on matters of antitrust, foreign investment and technology transfer, IT/Communications, and trade and commerce. Jesus has been a professor in various renowned universities in Venezuela.
Baker McKenzie and Trench Rossi Watanabe have executed a strategic cooperation agreement for consulting on foreign law.

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