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In this regional update, we provide you with a practical overview of the most notable antitrust legal developments of quarter 2 in 2022 that may affect your business.

In this issue:


  • ACCC raises concerns with various merger matters
  • ACCC seeks contempt charges against party for non-compliance with undertakings
  • ACCC grants interim authorisation to address energy crisis
  • Strong ACCC enforcement in respect of consumer law claims


  • Far-reaching updates to Anti-Monopoly Law come into effect 1 August
  • China contemplating updates to merger filing thresholds
  • China strengthens enforcement against price gouging

Hong Kong

  • HKCC succeeds in its first appeal on pecuniary penalties
  • HKCC publishes work report and outlook for 2022-23
  • Hong Kong authority renews Liner Shipping Block Exemption


  • ICC accepts behavioural change in lieu of fine
  • Lobster exporter avoids ICC fine due to inability to pay


  • JFTC consults on new rules on information gathering powers
  • JFTC sets up new economic analysis unit
  • JFTC FY2021 annual report shows continued focus on IT/digital sectors


  • Competition law amendments introduce merger control and enhance powers


  • TFTC penalises air conditioning operators for concerted action
  • TFTC continues enforcement against misleading SEO practices


  • Draft Law on E-Transaction to regulate dominant digital platforms
  • VCCA publishes 2021 Annual Report
  • VCCA releases study on competition law and the protection of IP rights

Highly acclaimed and Band 1 ranked Leading Antitrust Lawyer Stephen Crosswell is the current chair of Baker McKenzie's Asia-Pacific Antitrust & Competition Group. He is also the head of our Greater China Antitrust & Competition team. Clients laud Stephen for his "years of experience working on competition matters." He is described as a "vital resource for clients seeking to navigate the nuances not only of the new local competition law regime in Hong Kong but also across other Asian jurisdictions – including China." Stephen has been granted "Solicitor Advocate" status before the Hong Kong Courts, meaning that he is uniquely placed as a specialist competition advocate in Hong Kong, having rights of audience in the Competition Tribunal and appeal courts. He represented one of the parties to the first enforcement action taken in Hong Kong's Competition Tribunal.