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The draft of the Indonesian Personal Data Protection Law (“PDP Law”) was approved to become law by the Indonesian Parliament (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republik Indonesia) on 20 September 2022. With this approval, we are nearing the end of the process of an ambitious piece of legislation, which took several years to get approval. For several years, Indonesia has only relied on various diverse regulations that contain privacy provisions without one comprehensive umbrella law on personal data protection.

The PDP Law is currently waiting to be passed by the President (when it will also be allocated a law number), and then issued to the public. Theoretically, if the President does not sign the PDP Law within 30 days after it is approved by the Indonesian Parliament, the PDP Law will automatically be enacted and will be in force.

Based on the latest draft PDP Law that is available on the Indonesian Parliament’s website (as of 20 September 2022), the PDP Law will contain 16 chapters and 76 articles.

The government is hoping that the PDP Law can provide more certainty and clarity on personal data protection in Indonesia, with the intention to provide better protection to data subjects. But the PDP Law will also affect how businesses can process personal data.

Read the full alert here.

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