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A Podcast Series

In an increasingly connected world, a holistic perspective is essential to capture commercial opportunities while mitigating evolving risk. This podcast series spans markets, sectors and areas of laws to uncover forward-looking insights from Baker McKenzie and industry experts on driving growth in your organization.


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Episode 1: Collaborating with Competition: Shaping a New Framework for Net-Zero Success

The sustainability challenges of today are too big for any individual, or company, to solve alone. By pooling resources, knowledge, people power and strategies, businesses can lead the way in moving the needle towards a carbon neutral future.

Luis Gomez (Partner, Baker McKenzie) is joined by Luke Disney, SVP Sustainability & Climate at Rabobank, and Christiana Figueres, the U.N.’s former climate chief and now founding partner of Global Optimism. They explore why collaborating with competitors — in line with competition laws — is critical for net-zero success across the board and examine the challenges that businesses face when it comes to balancing net-zero collaboration with healthy business competition and successful growth strategies.


Luis Gómez is a Partner in the Competition, Trade & Foreign Investment Department of the London office of Baker McKenzie. He advises on general competition and merger control law at both the EU and UK levels and also has experience in global coordination strategies. His practice spans the whole breadth of competition law advice, ranging from cartel defence/leniency, abuse of dominance, distribution strategies and general compliance advice (including worldwide or local compliance audits and other initiatives), to merger control processes and the analysis of complex joint venture and strategic alliance situations. Luis regularly appears before the CMA and European Commission. Luis also has extensive knowledge of the general antitrust and merger filing regimes in the US, having spent one year in Baker & McKenzie's Washington D.C. office. Luis joined Baker & McKenzie in 1994. He became a partner in 2003. "Luis Gomez receives effusive praise from clients, who describe him as 'a shining star in the competition law sky, who provides safe and razor-sharp guidance in the treacherous waters around the CMA.'" – Chambers (2020) Band 5

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