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In this issue, we focus on the 2023 Japan tax reform proposal and corporate legal considerations for spin-offs in Japan.

On 16 December 2022, Japan announced its 2023 tax reform proposal, which contains a number of changes that may impact multinational companies doing business in Japan, including the introduction of Pillar Two legislation in Japanese domestic tax law. This update provides a brief overview of the relevant items that would likely have the largest impact on such companies. In addition, this update also provides a brief overview of the recent developments of spin-off rules and corporate legal considerations and benefits of using spin- offs in Japan.

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Ryutaro Oka has significant experience in the finance, trade, energy and manufacturing industries, where he has developed and maintained good client relationships. He regularly advises on complex international tax issues, working extensively with colleagues in the US, UK, Netherlands, China, Singapore and Thailand. Mr. Oka is a frequent speaker on international tax issues, having been invited to speak on international taxation and cross-border private equity investments at events sponsored by the Association of Taxation Analysis, among others. Prior to joining the Firm in 2006, Mr. Oka was a tax director at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu's Tokyo office, where he advised on international tax issues. Mr. Oka is fluent in English.


Masao Katsuyama is a partner of the Firm’s Corporate / Mergers & Acquisitions Practice Group in Tokyo. Mr. Katsuyama worked in the Firm's Bangkok office from May 2012 to May 2014. He assisted many Japanese companies with investments in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

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