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Upcoming Webinar | Session 3 | 13 March 2023

Baker McKenzie is proud to launch a series of webinars aimed at helping regulators’, legal practitioners’ and business leaders develop a deeper understanding of law and ESG issues in the Asia Pacific region.

Please register to our upcoming events via the “Interested” button.

All sessions in the series will be CLE/CPD accredited in certain jurisdictions. More information will be provided upon registration. If you would like access to past events, reach out to the contact persons on the right for more details.

8 August 2022

11:00 am – 12:30 pm SGT

Session 1 | Business Sentiments and Opportunities

Our speakers from Baker McKenzie, Singapore Management University Yong Pung How School of Law, Barramundi Group, and Schroders discussed the business opportunities and sentiments on the advancement of sustainable business operations and sustainability initiatives across the Asia Pacific region. For the full program you may request a copy here.

Speakers: Harikumar Pillay (co-moderator), Yip Man (co-moderator), Liu Nengye, Mini vandePol, Wong Dan Chi, James Kwan
7 November 2022

11:00 am – 12:30 pm SGT

Session 2 | ESG Reporting and Disclosures

In this session we will hear from speakers from, amongst others, Conservation International, Singapore Management University, and Singapore Exchange who will discuss the key issues surrounding ESG reporting and disclosures for businesses operating in the Asia Pacific region. For the full program you may request a copy here.

Speakers: May Loh (moderator), Stefanie Schacherer, Chan Kum Kong, Russell Quek 
13 March 2023

10:30 am – 12:00 pm SGT

Session 3 | Competition Law and Shareholder Stewardship: Collaboration Among Businesses as a Driver of ESG?

In this session, our panel of experts from both the private and public sectors will explore the following themes:Shareholder stewardship as a potential driver of ESG in corporate governanceThe role of Singapore’s competition laws and policies when businesses collaborate to pursue common ESG goalsThe Malaysia Competition Commission’s current initiatives in relation to competition law and sustainabilityOpportunities and challenges in SE Asia on promoting sustainability and competition policiesFor the full program you may request a copy here.

Speakers: Harikumar Pillay (moderator), Dan Puchniak, Iskandar Ismail, Sean Tseng, Looi Teck Kheong

Guest Speakers

  • Photo,Yip Man
    Yip Man
    Associate Professor
    SMU Yong Pung How School of Law

  • Photo,James Kwan
    James Kwan
    Chief Marketing Officer
    GM Singapore, Barramundi Group

  • Photo,Wong Dan Chi
    Wong Dan Chi
    Head of ESG Integration
    Asia Pacific, Schroders

  • Photo,Liu Nengye
    Liu Nengye
    Associate Professor
    SMU Yong Pung How School of Law

  • Photo,Stefanie Schacherer
    Stefanie Schacherer
    Assistant Professor of Law
    SMU Yong Pung How School of Law

  • Photo,Chan Kum Kong
    Chan Kum Kong
    Managing Director; Head of Research & Analysis, Equities
    Singapore Exchange

  • Photo,May Loh
    May Loh
    Senior Advisor
    Conservation International

  • Photo,Russell Quek
    Russell Quek
    Associate Director, Sustainable Finance Office APAC

  • Photo,Dan Puchniak
    Dan Puchniak
    Director, Centre for Commercial Law in Asia,
    SMU; Professor of Law, Yong Pung How School of Law, SMU

  • Photo,Iskandar Ismail
    Iskandar Ismail
    Chief Executive Officer
    Malaysia Competition Commission

  • Photo,Sean Tseng
    Sean Tseng
    Legal Consultant,
    ClientEarth; Adjunct Research Fellow,
    Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law

  • Photo,Looi Teck Kheong
    Looi Teck Kheong
    Independent Consultant;
    Ex-Head, Competition, Consumer Protection and Intellectual Property Rights Division, ASEAN Secretariat

Mini vandePol is the Head of Baker McKenzie's Asia Pacific Investigations, Compliance & Ethics Group, after successfully completing three years as the Global Chair. Mini focuses on anti-bribery and corruption, trade sanctions, fraud and other senior executive misconduct investigations across Asia but most particularly in Hong Kong, China and India. Mini has more than 30 years' experience and is the trusted advisor to the boards and audit committees of the Firm's most significant global clients — assisting them to establish and enhance their risk management programs, assess risks in transactional opportunities and credibly investigate transgressions to support a strong commitment to a culture of compliance. In her previous Global Chair role, she led a team of 900+ compliance and investigations practitioners in Asia Pacific, EMEA, Latin America and North America, which was ranked amongst the Top 10 global investigations firms by Global Investigations Review in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Mini herself has recently been awarded "Woman Lawyer of the Year" in The Macallan ALB Hong Kong Law Awards and "Best in White Collar Crime" Euromoney Asia Women in Business Law Awards in 2019. She is also named as one of the "Top 100 Women in Investigations" by Global Investigations Review. Mini is the Firm's representative assisting the World Economic Forum's Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) and a member of the WEF's Global Future Council.

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