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Welcome to a new season of the Compliance Podcast from the Caracas office, a series conducted by the attorney Jesús Dávila and an opportunity to listen to different positions about compliance topics. This third season focuses on the concept of ESG and its various implications in modern dynamics of today’s economics, not only in Venezuela, but anywhere in which our various guests live.

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Season Three

Episode 7: ISO Norms and their application in the corporate environment

On this episode of the Compliance Podcast of the Caracas Office, Jesus Davila speaks to Marco Andrade, specialist on ISO norms. Marco will guide us into the fascinating world of the ISO Norms and their applicability in the corporate environment, as well as the opportunity to incorporate such norms in the corporate systems for managing risks and quality control. Furthermore, it is very interesting to review how the ISO Norms define a space for the creation of integrity protocols for companies.

 Episode 6: The Role of the Compliance Specialist

In the sixth episode of the Compliance Podcast of Baker McKenzie Caracas Office, Jesus Davila talks to Fernando Herrera, Venezuelan attorney specialized in compliance issues, who is currently developing his career in the financial sector at South Florida, United States of America. Fernando share with us his particular view on the legal practice in the USA, as a Venezuelan attorney, and provides his insights in how modernity is setting new challenges for the financial sector.

 Episode 5: Compliance and Criminal Law in Venezuela

In the new episode of the Compliance Podcast, Jesus Davila talks to Magaly Vasquez, one of the leading experts in Venezuela for Criminal Law.  With Professor Vasquez, we talk about the criminal implications of the current compliance matters and review how Criminal Law has adapted to these new times.  Furthermore, we review the current state of the criminal regulations in Venezuela in connection with compliance.

 Episode 4: Sustainability challenges for companies in Brazil

In episode 4 of the compliance podcast of the Caracas office of Baker McKenzie, Jesus Davila speaks with partner Giovani Tomasoni of Sao Paulo’s Trench Rossi Watanabe* office, regarding sustainability matters and the regulation in Brazil. In this episode, we evaluate the convenience of having sustainability corporate policy and its impact in the commercial activities of companies. Furthermore, we try to understand the challenges for companies in Brazil and the concept of sustainability in the future.

*Baker McKenzie and Trench Rossi Watanabe have executed a strategic cooperation agreement for consulting on foreign law.

Episode 3: Sustainability provisions and opportunities for private investors

On the third episode of the compliance podcast of the Caracas office, Jesus Davila talks to Camila Jimenez, attorney with the Baker McKenzie Bogota Office, about the sustainability provisions and regulations in Colombia. Furthermore, we will review the regulations and the opportunities that private investors face in this sector.

In this installment, Camila and Jesus discuss about the future of these regulations and what are the challenges ahead for Colombia and the region.

Episode 2: Effective Corporate Social Responsibility

In the second episode of the compliance podcast of the Caracas office, Jesus Davila talks to Andrea Galarraga, leader of the Venezuelan company Venemergencia for corporate social responsibility matters. In this episode we talk about to effectively do corporate social responsibility and identify the challenges thereof. Additionally, we will highlight the strategic quality of corporate social responsibility and how it can become a tool for the ethical action of the company, as well as the generation of added value and surplus for companies.

Episode 1: Corporate Social Responsibility and the Private Sector

With focus on ESG-related issues, in this first episode we are joined by Germán Toro, a businessman committed to corporate social responsibility issues. We’ll talk about how the private sector should understand the concept CSR and how it is a transformative idea for companies. Germán tells us about his passion: education and the liberating power it has for all people. An enriching and passionate conversation, which sets up the tone for this new season.


Jesús Dávila joined Baker McKenzie in 2002 and became partner in 2009. He is recognized as a leading lawyer in Venezuela by Chambers Latin America and IFLR1000. Jesus advises domestic and multinational companies on the full scope of corporate transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, joint ventures and a variety of other corporate work. He has a strong track record providing insightful advice to companies on matters of antitrust, foreign investment and technology transfer, IT/Communications, and trade and commerce. Jesus has been a professor in various renowned universities in Venezuela.
Baker McKenzie and Trench Rossi Watanabe have executed a strategic cooperation agreement for consulting on foreign law.

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