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In brief

On 2 June 2023, Disposition 2/2023 of the Undersecretariat of Information Technologies of the Cabinet Chief was published in the official gazette, approving the “Recommendations for a Reliable Artificial Intelligence” (“Disposition” and “Recommendations”, respectively).

In focus

Aimed at guiding and encouraging the ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI), the Disposition establishes guidelines that cover the key stages of the development cycle of AI projects.

The Recommendations are based on the Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence issued by UNESCO in November 2021, adopted by several countries, including Argentina. Its main objective is to provide guidance to the public sector in the management of AI projects.

Following UNESCO’s approach, the Recommendations consider ethical aspects at each stage of the AI cycle, such as data design and modelling, verification and validation, implementation and operation and maintenance.

In terms of responsibility, it provides that only individuals are to be held responsible for the actions of AI, as AI acts only in response to human requests, without having any intent of its own.

Although its guidelines and principles are nonbinding and highly abstract, the importance of these Recommendations relies in the fact that they may constitute the basis for future and more specific regulations on AI.

Click here to access the Spanish version.


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