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The Philippine government continues to work towards fully reopening the economy, and is ready for more foreign direct investments, as recent consecutive reforms in Philippine business laws have made doing business in the country easier.

Among these initiatives are landmark legislations such as the passage of the CREATE Act, the amendments to the Foreign Investment Act, Retail Trade Liberalization Act, and the Public Service Act, as well as the approval of the 2022 Strategic Investment Priority Plan (SIPP).

The Doing Business in the Philippines handbook aims to equip both local and foreign entrepreneurs with a practical guide to navigating the ever-evolving business landscape in the Philippines. It provides information on the requirements needed when setting up and operating a business in the Philippines, including incentives under special registrations, taxation, employment, IP, dispute resolution, and industry-specific regulations.

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Ramon J. Quisumbing is the managing partner of Quisumbing Torres and a member of the Dispute Resolution Practice Group. He has represented numerous multinational companies, including AT&T, The Dow Chemical Company, Cisco, Budget Rental, Occidental Chemical, Taisei, TeleTech, Agilent, Steelcase and Intel.

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