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In brief

In the context of the International Data Protection Day, on 26 January 2024, the Agency of Access to Public Information (AAIP, its acronym in Spanish) published their “Recommendations to protect personal data on the internet”.

In focus

The AAIP provided these five recommendations to users of any digital platform that entails the assignment of personal data:

  • Read the privacy policy: “In approximately five minutes, this tool allows people to know what others do with their data, the purposes for its use, who is responsible for data processing, how data is protected, as well as the companies and entities with which the data will be shared. In addition, the privacy policy will define the communication channel available for data subjects to exercise their rights to access, rectify, update and delete their personal data”.
  • Use secure sources: “To prevent data or identity theft, it is important to download applications for mobile devices or computers from secure sites. That is why each operating system has its own app store”.
  • Adjust privacy settings: “Users must define what data they want to share. By doing so, information is restricted or shared with other users and with the entities and companies responsible for data processing, and access permissions to photo galleries, videos, contacts, geolocation, microphone or camera functions, among other features, are managed”.
  • Browse on secure internet networks: “Mobile devices and computers should be connected to reliable internet connection networks, whose service provider is known. If you need to use public networks, avoid accessing websites or service applications that contain sensitive information, such as banking applications, health services or virtual wallets, among others”.
  • Know the communication channels to exercise rights: “Websites, applications and social networks must enable a channel to know, rectify, update or delete the personal data stored in their databases. In the AAIP search engine, you can check if personal databases are registered with the National Registry and access the contact information of the person responsible for a certain database, to exercise your rights”.

Finally, the AAIP reminded readers that if the entities responsible for processing personal data fail to fulfill any of their obligations, citizens can check, seek advice or file a complaint before the AAIP, free of charge, through the “Proceedings” tab on its website or by clicking on this link.

Click here to access the Spanish version.


Guillermo Cervio is a partner in Baker McKenzie’s Buenos Aires office. With more than 30 years of experience, he is recognized as a foremost practitioner in his field. He founded the IT/C team in Argentina and was the coordinator of the LatAm IT/C team from 2008 to 2017. He is currently a member of the Steering Committee of Baker McKenzie LatAm’s IPTC team.
Guillermo has authored books and articles on legal matters. He has won awards for his book “Derecho de las Telecomunicaciones” (National Academy of Law - Mención de honor, 1998, and Austral University - premio tesina,1997) as well as for the paper he filed in the IX National Congress on Corporate Law (Tucumán, 2004). He has been a professor at the University of Buenos Aires, Austral University, Palermo University, Catholic University and CEMA. In 2003, he was awarded the Folsom fellowship grant by the Center for American and International Law in Dallas.


Martín Roth is a partner in the M&A, Real Estate and TMT practice groups in Baker McKenzie's Buenos Aires office. Martín has more than 13 years of extensive transactional domestic and international experience, focusing on the real estate and TMT industries. Prior to joining Baker McKenzie, he worked as a trainee lawyer on the Corporate, Banking/Finance and Litigation areas with a local law firm in Argentina. From 2007 to 2012, he worked in Baker McKenzie's Buenos Aires office. From 2013 to 2016, he worked as an independent attorney at another law firm. Martín rejoined the Buenos Aires office in 2016 and was named partner in July 2019.


Valentina Biondi Grane is an Associate in Baker McKenzie, Buenos Aires office.


Catalina Beñatena is an Associate in Baker McKenzie, Buenos Aires office.

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