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What is Global Compliance News?

Global Compliance News is a news platform for all compliance-related topics such as new legislation, important court decisions as well as decisions by public authorities that may have an impact on companies. The platform and its content are managed by the Global Compliance News Steering Committee: Europe, Middle East & Africa: Dr. Nicolai Behr (Baker McKenzie, Munich) Asia Pacific: Mini vandePol (Baker McKenzie, Hong Kong).

What is the idea behind Global Compliance News?

Multinational companies are in need of information about compliance-related developments and the legal compliance landscape in countries in which they have subsidiaries. Many national magazines or media platforms only provide information about specific areas of law (e.g. anti-corruption). Monitoring several national magazines and platforms is time consuming. Sometimes it is even impossible for companies and their compliance officers or inhouse counsel to obtain information about new compliance-related developments because articles are often written in local language.

Who are the contributors of Global Compliance News?

Global Compliance News authors and contributors are compliance specialists working for international business law firms and global companies. The first-hand knowledge about new developments in their area of law and the legal framework helps you to stay up-to-date and to learn about new developments that affect your company as soon as possible. The table below lists our network of law firms which contribute for their respective jurisdiction. If you are interested in participating in this project as an active contributor, just send us an email.

Global Compliance News does not replace legal consultation

Global Compliance News keeps interested parties abreast of changes in legislation that may, to one degree or another, affect their activity or cater to their particular interests. The opinions and commentaries expressed in the articles are not legal opinions and cannot replace the necessity of receiving legal consultations or opinions in specific practical situations.