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Anti-Corruption Laws Around the World

Global Overview of Anti-Corruption Laws 2017

Anti-bribery and corruption compliance — and the mitigation of associated risk — continue to be some of the main challenges that companies are facing, both in their domestic markets and abroad. On a global level, we see more and more countries promulgating new and more sophisticated anti-bribery and corruption legislation as well as aggressive enforcement by government regulators. Enforcement agencies of different countries are also increasingly cooperating in their fight against corruption. In addition, more countries are introducing individual criminal liability for bribery related offences.

The 2017 Global Overview of Anti-Bribery Laws Handbook offers an excellent overview of the relevant anti-bribery laws in 46 jurisdictions regulating domestic bribery. It covers both private-to-public and public-to-private and corruption of foreign public officials. The handbook also provides practices to mitigate the potential crime liabilities as well as administrative and reputational risks associated with bribery and corruption.

Each chapter covers a number of key topics:

  • Domestic bribery (private-to-public and public-to-private)
  • Corruption of foreign public officials
  • Facilitation payments
  • Compliance programs
  • Regulators with jurisdiction to prosecute corruption

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Global Anti-Corruption Risk Map

Complex compliance regulations and requirements, coupled with increasing enforcement activities across the globe, pose as a challenge to companies across the region. Are you across all compliance laws  where you operate your business? To ensure that you are across all compliance laws, Baker  McKenzie has developed an interactive Global Anti-Corruption Risk Map to aid you as you manage and address a wide array of compliance and risk management concerns. To know more about this, click here.

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