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Antitrust Laws Around the World

Antitrust & Competition Laws in Asia-Pacific

Baker McKenzie’s 2015 Asia Pacific Antitrust & Competition Law Guidebook brings together a summary of commentary on competition laws from 13 Asia Pacific jurisdictions. Since releasing the first guidebook in 2013, emerging and developed countries in Asia continue to amend their competition laws as local and global markets evolve. Mature competition law jurisdictions such as Australia and Japan have reviewed and added amendments, while other emerging Asia Pacific jurisdictions in terms of competition laws such as the Philippines, New Zealand and Thailand, among others, have submitted new policies and amendments to prohibit anti-competitive practices in their relevant markets. With all of these reforms, local and global businesses are more keen in following these developments and learning about new competition regulations in Asia Pacific. All of these developments are covered in this guidebook. While we have done our very best to ensure currency and accuracy as at the date of publication, laws and regulations can often change on short notice. You can view each chapter separate via the links below or download a copy of the Guidebook on each country page.

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Global Guide to Competition Litigation 2016

This is a guide to the litigation of civil claims grounded on a breach of competition law.

A range of procedural and substantive issues can arise when bringing or defending such claims for example, whether the claim is for damages or an injunctive remedy, or whether the claim arises from an infringement of competition law identified by a regulatory authority (a “follow-on claim”) or from an infringement alleged but not established by a regulatory decision (a “stand-alone claim”). We have included a quick reference table so that you can see the different approaches each jurisdiction applies to these issues.

Litigation strategy will often require accounting for claims in a number of jurisdictions and likely entail ongoing regulatory investigations or employment considerations. This can be complex and challenging both from a legal and risk management perspective. This guide aims to introduce you to the considerations you might factor into any such strategy.

The Baker McKenzie Global Competition Litigation team would be happy to discuss any of the considerations with you further, taking account of the specifics of your situation. Our contact details can be found at the end of this guide.

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