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Episode 9: Financial Institutions in Post-COVID Africa This episode puts the spotlight on Africa, with a focus on South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. Wildu du Plessis, a partner in our Johannesburg office and head of Africa, talks about the situation in Africa, in the context of the current pandemic…

The recently published draft Films and Publications Amendment Regulations have significant implications for online gaming companies in their current form. The Regulations are out of sync with the commercial realities of online content distribution and gaming platforms and impose extensive administrative and cumbersome obligations on online distributors .Janet MacKenzie, Partner and Head of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry group, and Reinhardt Biermann, Associate, at Baker McKenzie Johannesburg, explain the implications.

COVID-19 has led to an increase in online business dealings and transactions, which has resulted in a steady rise in cybercrime. Criminals are using techniques such as authorized push payment fraud to steal large sums of money from unsuspecting individuals and entities. Wian Steyn, Senior Associate, and Rui Lopes, Associate, in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group in Johannesburg, discuss how this fraud takes place, and the legal obligations and duties imposed on investment managers, investors and banks, to protect against it.

NHSX, the technology and digital unit of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), recently published its draft Digital Health Technology Standard.

The standard aims to accelerate how digital health technologies (DHTs) are reviewed, commissioned and scaled for use across the wider health and care system, and provides guidance to support digital health technology developers.

With the COVID-19 pandemic quickly spreading across the globe and forcing entire countries to shut down all but essential services, businesses in all sectors urgently need to make business-critical decisions to protect their workforce, implement measures to address business continuity and prepare for an economic downturn. In doing so, they…

We will provide you with regular updates on all relevant legal developments regarding the Coronavirus disease in Germany. Please find on the link below our fourth edition of our guideline. Our team is ready to navigate you through these challenging times. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our…