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Effectively managing corporate compliance efforts in today’s regulatory environment–preventing corporate officers and employee from engaging in illegal practices, while also addressing a wide array of other compliance and risk management concerns–presents a major challenge to multinational companies with extended enterprises. Although enforcement guidelines around the world vary in length, tone and language, virtually all touch upon a set of key issues that Baker & McKenzie has boiled down to five essential elements:

  1. leadership,
  2. risk assessment,
  3. standards and controls,
  4. training and communication, and
  5. oversight.

These five elements serve as the organizing principles for the way Baker & McKenzie counsels our clients in the area of corporate compliance. The updated Five Essential Elements of Corporate Compliance provides guidance to companies not only in respect of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, but also regarding other key jurisdictions where multinationals do business. It also incorporates important developments in enforcement and critical notes on guidance from a variety of global regulators. We hope you find this guide helpful and informative. To download a copy of the Five Essential Elements of Corporate Compliance, click here.


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