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Baker & McKenzie has published the first edition of EMEA Corporate Liability Handbook 2015. Aurelio Giovannelli is the editor of the handbook on behalf of the EMEA Compliance steering committee. New compliance legislation combined with increased scrutiny from regulators, shareholders and clients continue to maintain corporate liability at the top of boards’ agendas. What is the nature of corporate liability? What are the potential sanctions? Can businesses benefit from exemption and mitigation factors? What are the risks for directors and managers, and for the parent company? The EMEA Corporate Liability handbook, which covers 23 jurisdictions, answers these questions, providing an insight into why and how these issues may be addressed. Click here to access the content of the handbook.


Aurelio Giovannelli, an international partner in Baker Mckenzie's Rome office, advises on the legal aspects of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, mergers and acquisitions, as well as finance and tax. He has authored and co-authored several publications, including The New Italian System of Taxation of Financial Instruments and La Tecnica degli Scambi in Compensazione. He is also a regular contributor on matters of international law for various journals. Mr. Giovannelli is a member of the Baker & McKenzie’s Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry and Mergers & Acquisitions Practice Groups, as well as of the Compliance Steering Committee.

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