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Welcome to the January 2020 issue of our Francophone Africa newsletter. The aim is to give you a regular, brief practical overview of news and developments that may affect your business operations in the region.

In this issue:

Algeria 2020 Finance Law

The Algerian finance law for 2020 adopted on the eve of the presidential election on 11 December 2019 was published in the Official Journal on 30 December 2019.

Enactment of the new Ivorian Public Procurement Code

Ordinance No. 2019-679 of 24 July 2019 establishing the Public Procurement Code has been published, on 11 December 2019, in Côte d’Ivoire’s Official Journal.

This text transposes the directives of the West African Economic and Monetary Union, which organize the framework of public procurement in this geographical area, as it introduces a number of novelties to the institutional and procedural aspects regarding public procurement in Ivory Coast.

Morocco 2020 Finance Law

The Moroccan Finance Law No. 70-19 for 2020 was published in the “Bulletin Officiel” No. 6838 bis of 14 December 2019.

New Algerian law on hydrocarbons

Law No. 19-13 of 11 December 2019 governing hydrocarbon activities entered into force following its publication in the Official Gazette on 22 December 2019 (the “New Law”). The Law revises the institutional, legal and fiscal framework of the energy sector.

In Rwanda, applications for Quitus Fiscal for Fiscal Year 2020 are now open

In a notice dated 13 December 2019, the Rwanda Revenue Authority (“RRA”) announced that applications for quitus fiscal, a tax clearance certificate available to importers and public tender bidders which fulfil certain tax, accounting and corporate requirements, would open on 16 December 2019. The application form is available on the RRA’s website.