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This webinar addresses the particular needs of financial institutions facing a variety of new challenges in complying with international sanctions. Speakers from Baker McKenzie’s international sanctions and regulatory teams shall be discussing the development of increasingly complex and in some cases competing sanctions laws in different jurisdictions.

Where do conflicts in sanctions laws arise, and how do financial institutions best navigate these? How does this align with or diverge from other regulatory obligations?  What is the scope of extra-territorial enforcement in some of these contexts, and what are the limits to this? These are just some of the questions we shall be grappling with during the course of the discussion, from both a legal and practical perspective.

In particular, the webinar shall address these themes in the following contexts:

  • integration and divergence of sanctions across EU Member States, with a particular emphasis on screening and freezing in relation to customer accounts and payments;
  • conflicts between western sanctions and foreign regulatory practice;
  • learnings from recent case law on the extension and limits of extra-territorial sanctions, including in the context of lending, insurance and other sectors; and
  • update on recent case law concerning the EU Blocking Statute.

We shall be joined by a number of sanctions and regulatory specialists from Baker McKenzie’s London, Dusseldorf, New York and Moscow teams. The webinar will address the above themes across the financial services sector as a whole and in specific areas within it in order to provide some practical context.

The webinar is complimentary, to register please click on the RSVP button.  The webinar will begin at 1.00 pm BST, if you reside in a different time zone and wish to verify your time – please see for the time in your location.

We hope you will participate in and enjoy this exciting webinar.


Sven Bates is a senior associate in Baker McKenzie's London office.