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In brief

As part of the debate on the need to identify a national agency for the health technology assessment to promote the sustainability, universality and efficiency of the National Health System, the Italian Agency for Regional Health Services (Agenas) emphasized the importance of its role in the cooperation between the central and regional level for the evaluation of health technologies named National Program for the Health Technology Assessment (HTA).

In this context, the Italian Society of HTA, in its Position Paper “For an Italian System of Health Technology Assessment” dated July 2020, which anticipates some topics of the XIII National Congress scheduled for next October, stressed the urgency of a system of coordination of health technology assessment, which has gained renewed interest in the context of the COVID-19 emergency.

In this regard, the Agenas reaffirmed its expertise in the evaluation of health technologies, which is carried out through various activities in support of the Coordination Office for HTA activities, established in 2015 with Decree of the Ministry of Health. In particular, the tasks entrusted to the Agenas include, amongst others, the setting up of a notification system of assessment needs, the drawing up of the list of technologies to be submitted for priority evaluation by the Coordination Office, as well as the managing and coordination of national reports on HTA requested by the Coordination Office.


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