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The Health Pod, Baker McKenzie’s industry podcast series, highlights sector-specific issues and trends that affect healthcare and life sciences companies.

Episode 5: Japan Pharmaceuticals Market – Distinguishing Features and Industry Practice

Japan accounts for approximately 7% of the global pharmaceuticals market and is the third-largest market in the world following the US and China. In the first installment of the Spotlight on Japan mini-series, Hideo Norikoshi, head of the Tokyo office’s Healthcare & Life Sciences industry group, is joined by Kei Matsumoto, IP Tech partner and industry specialist, and Ryosuke Tateishi, Healthcare & Life Sciences Compliance and Regulatory Counsel, to discuss the distinguishing features of the Japanese pharmaceuticals market, including an introduction to industry practices, the health insurance system, and the Market Authorizaton Holder (MAH) regulatory framework in Japan.

Episode 4: UK and EU Competition Law in Times of COVID-19 and Beyond

The COVID-19 crisis has required competition authorities to adjust their enforcement priorities and seen a temporary relaxation of certain competition laws in response to the pandemic. In this episode of The Health Pod, Irena Apostopoulos joins David Wardell to discuss the impact of the pandemic on competition law enforcement in the UK and EU in the healthcare and life sciences industry, as well as heightened compliance risks and the risk of dawn raids.

Episode 3: Alternative Arrangements for Biopharma Clinical Funding

The lengthy, expensive and complex nature of drug development has brought about the emergence of alternative funding entities to help boost R&D productivity, lower costs and mitigate risks. In this episode of The Health Pod, Randall Sunberg joins David Wardell in discussing how these investment companies are bridging the funding gap, and the types of agreements and due diligence involved in these arrangements.

Episode 2: COVID-19 Impact on Biopharma Clinical Development in the EU and Mexico

The disruptive impact of COVID-19 has forced the healthcare and life sciences industries to adapt in different ways. In this episode of The Health Pod, Els Janssens and Christian Lopez-Silva join David Wardell in discussing the effect COVID-19 has had on the management of clinical trials in the EU and Mexico and how the regulators have dealt with these impacts.

Episode 1: Health Canada and the FDA’s Response to COVID-19

Resolving the health crisis demands an immediate response from regulatory agencies. In this episode of The Health Pod, Kamleh Nicola and Veleka Peeples-Dyer join David Wardell in discussing some of the most significant responses by Health Canada and the FDA to COVID-19.


David Wardell has been practicing law since 1982, mainly in the area of international corporate and commercial law. He serves on the steering committee of both the Global Healthcare Industry Group and the North America Healthcare Industry Group. He is also the Chicago office representative of the Firm’s French Initiative. Prior to joining the Firm, Mr. Wardell practiced for over 26 years first as an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan under Robert Morgenthau and then at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Abbott Laboratories and Tenneco Inc., where he served as general counsel and chief compliance officer.


Dianne Phoebus is member of the steering committees of the Firm’s Intellectual Property Practice Group and Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Industry Group in Latin America. She practices mainly in the areas of intellectual property and health law, and is ranked among the leading intellectual property lawyers in Venezuela by Chambers Latin America and World Trademark Review. Ms. Phoebus is also an active member of the International Trademark Association and the Intellectual Property Committee of the Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce. She teaches legal English at the Universidad Monteávila.