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In brief

The epidemiologic situation has led the Czech Government to order a lockdown for three weeks, from 1 to 21 March 2021. Below is a summary of measures that have an impact on employment relationships.

Work from Home

Employers have the obligation to implement work from home, if it is allowed by the nature of the job and operational conditions. Note that under Czech law, working from home requires the consent of the employee.

Travel to Work

The government has significantly restricted the possibility of traveling between districts (in Czech okres). Employees who work and reside in different districts need to have written confirmation from their employer to travel to work, on a prescribed form. Employees who reside and work in the same district do not need any confirmation. Prague is viewed as one district. A written confirmation on the purpose of travel is also required in case the employee travels for a business trip to another district.

Medical Masks / FFP2 Respirators at Work

Employees at work need to wear a medical mask or an FFP2 / KN95 respirator at all times, except when they perform work at one place alone.

Employers are obliged to provide employees with medical masks or FFP2 / KN95 respirators in a sufficient amount for each working shift, except when the employees do not come into contact with other individuals during the performance of work and in connection with it (e.g. when the employee is working from home).

Medical Checks

A statement of the employee can replace the mandatory entry medical check. Also, the validity of medical checks of current employees is prolonged until 90 days after the end of the state of crisis. It is still, however, possible to send an employee for an extraordinary medical check.

Government Subsidy – Prolongation and New Condition

The Antivirus subsidy has been prolonged until 30 April 2021. A new condition was introduced for the contributions for March and onwards – it is possible to apply for a contribution for a particular employee only if the employment of such employee has lasted for at least three months on the date of filing of the application.

COVID-19 Tests for Employees

COVID-19 testing of employees is strongly recommended, and the government is currently discussing obligatory COVID-19 testing, depending on the number of employees.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade recommends, if possible, the use of the public network of test centers, in which the test is fully covered by public health insurance, the result is directly recorded in the infectious disease information system and the positive person can be isolated and traced immediately.

However, the employer can also organize COVID-19 testing of employees, and claim a contribution from the health insurance company. The Ministry of Industry and Trade has issued relevant guidelines on how to organize the COVID-19 testing of employees. The health insurance company’s contribution is paid for a maximum of four tests per employee per month (up to CZK 240 per month). COVID-19 tests can be performed more often, but this is voluntary and at the employer’s expense.

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Zuzana Ferianc practices mainly in the areas of employment and labor law, restructuring and corporate governance and mergers & acquisitions. She earned her Master’s Degree in Commercial Law at the Economics University in 2002, and her Master’s Degree in Law at the Law Faculty of Charles University in 2004.


Vlastimil Kreysa is a member of the Firm’s Employment & Labor Practice Group. He regularly advises on Czech and European labor and employment law matters.