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The Baker McKenzie London Employment team is delighted to welcome you back to our Industrial Action webinar miniseries with our third and final episode. In episode one we looked at the industrial action legal process and in episode two we assessed what organisations need to do when they receive a ballot notice. In episode three we complete the industrial action timeline by exploring contingency plan methods for periods of industrial action, analysing what businesses should do once industrial action is happening or due to happen.

Jonathan Tuck and Richard Cook return for episode three and break down some of the key contingency planning considerations for companies that are experiencing a sustained spell of industrial action, including practices to help keep the business moving, legal risks that can occur during strike action, and steps you should take, such as a proactive communications strategy, to mitigate and avoid these risks.

Please click here to watch the video chat.

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Jonathan Tuck is a partner in the Baker McKenzie employment department. Jonathan joined the Firm in June 2012 and completed secondments at Google between March and July 2015 and British Airways between July 2015 and January 2016.


Richard Cook is a Senior Associate in Baker McKenzie London office.