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Armando Cabrera-Nolasco

Armando Cabrera-Nolasco is a partner in Baker McKenzie's Tax Practice Group in Guadalajara. He has 10 years of experience in transfer pricing issues. Mr Cabrera-Nolasco currently coordinates the transfer pricing services for financial and services industries, and the financial valuation practice.

The tax challenges of the digital economy may catch historically non-digital companies by surprise as they “go digital.” Baker McKenzie’s Special Report, Digital Revolution: Transfer Pricing on the Global Tax Battlefield provides insight into digital technology trends non-digital businesses are incorporating and the key tax trends companies must actively navigate including industry sector case studies, transfer pricing considerations, multilateral and unilateral measures, transfer pricing audits and dispute resolution.

Global supply chains across all industry sectors are facing an unprecedented challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Increased pressure on supply chain linkages is nothing new to multinational enterprises (MNEs), due to national tax and trade protectionism measures, evolving international tax policies, and technological disruption, but the current global pandemic…