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Carolina Takatsu

Carolina Takatsu joined the Firm in 2019. She integrates the Corporate & Finance practice group, with focus on drafting contracts, acts, guarantees and financial instruments in the areas of banking and capital markets. Carolina Takatsu has a wide breadth of experience operating with debt capital market operations, financing operations, including in exportation and importation, having worked with financial institutions and companies, both Brazilian and foreign. She also assists studies involving banking and financial subjects, structuring of investment fund regulations, contract analysis, as well as in regulatory aspects of foreign direct investments and foreign direct loans. Trench Rossi Watanabe and Baker McKenzie have executed a strategic cooperation agreement for consulting on foreign law.

This is a reminder that 30 September 2021 is the legal deadline for companies that receive foreign investment and that have assets or equity exceeding BRL 250 million to comply with the Declaration of Economic and Financial Information by submitting their financial data related to the base-date of 30 June 2021 in the Central Bank’s System, as per Resolution No. 3,844 of 23 March 2010 of the Brazilian National Monetary Council and Circular No. 3,814 of 7 December 2016 of the Central Bank.